Meditation of the Month 20th February 2018 - 20th March 2018 – Proposed by LifeNet and Marko Poganik, UNESCO Artist for Peace 


In the course of the present Earth transmutation processes, the life force is gradually withdrawing to another level of its existence. Imagine that this level pulsates approximately 2 - 3 meters deeper than the present Earth surface – which means a bit closer to the core of the Earth. Take this statement as a support for your imagination and not as an objective fact.

During the coming month I propose that you experiment with connecting to the deeper level of the life force. There are different possibilities – here is my proposal:

  • Imagine that the gravity of Gaia’s love pulls you to the depth of the Earth as mentioned above, ignoring that you are drowned into matter. 

  • Rather you find yourself in a watery landscape permeated by watery streams that flow through you and around you. They are composed of billions of minute elemental beings resembling water drops or microorganisms – absolutely pure, happy and full of vitality. Be aware how their presence feels within and around you.

  • After you have gathered experiences of the new quality of the life’s network, lift yourself back to the present level of existence. While returning vertically to the present level, stay connected to the streams of life that you have experienced. Imagine and feel how each cell and each microorganism of your body stays connected to that presence of life below with the help of a micro-thread of light. Stay for a while connected like this and share the quality and the power of that connection with your larger environment and its beings.

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