Welcome to the Earth Energy Network!

Earth Energy Network is the UK network of LifeNet, an international network of individuals who work to support human beings and the Earth in her many dimensions with the process of transformation taking place at this time.

It is a time of profound transformation on human, cosmic and global levels and new opportunities are arising to create the culture of co-creation that Marko Pogačnik calls Geoculture.

This network is for people who co-operate with the multi-level, subtle realms of existance through projects, courses, meditations, initiatives, groups and workshops.

To support this, we have -

A monthly Meditation
Each month, Marko Pogačnik proposes a new meditation to support the process of global transformation in co-operation with the Earth.

A monthly Newsletter

In search of an editor - at present we have no editor for the Newsletter. Would you like to volunteer? Maximum time it takes is 30 minutes a month.

If you wish to receive notifications for the monthly meditation, please sign up for our newsletter. You can find previous issues here.

Gaia•Touch exercises
GAIA•TOUCH exercises are a form of Cosmogram, meaning that they are part of a universal language, which therefore can be understand not only by human beings, but also by other beings of the earth or the universe. Their authentic power comes from the consciousness and the sacred places which inspired them: these origins are written in the comments on every exercise.

International LifeNet Gatherings
The latest of these biannual gatherings was on the Island of Brač in Croatia in June 2016. Details of the next gathering in 2018 appear soon.

Earth Energy Network website
In addition to the work of Earth Energy Network and LifeNet, this website is intended to serve all groups and individuals who may be drawn towards Earth Energy connections. We do this through our news and links pages.

Earth Energy Network Facebook page
Find the latest events and posts on our Facebook page 

Lifenet International website
You can find further information in German and English on the International LifeNet website.